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This book explores many of the aspects which go to make up the history of Delabole – the working environment in the quarry, the lives of the men (and women) who laboured there over many centuries and the development of the settlement around its industrial heartland.  The book also examines the way in which the village community has been moulded by the landscape in which it is set, religion (particularly Methodism), links with Wales and emigration. 280 pages 80 black & white photographs 12 colour plates ISBN-13 978-09554792-0-5 Price: £15
This book examines a number of aspects of the history of North Cornwall.  These include the probate records of St Teath parish, music and musicians, buildings, emigration and potters and pottery.  Not least, it explores the lives of men and women who dwelt and worked in North Cornwall and the histories of some who, born there, later moved away to London, Oxford and as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America to seek their fortunes.  These themes interlink and provide the raison d’être for the title of the book. 346 pages 97 black & white photos 12 colour plates ISBN-13 978-0-9554792-1-2 Price : £20
This book traces the history of the estate at Boconnoc, situated near Lostwithiel in south-east Cornwall, from the Bronze Age to the present day. The book took a long time to write due to the wealth of source material available from diaries, family archives, correspondence and estate records. These were scattered around a large number of archival repositories, not only in Cornwall, but in Hampshire, Devon and London. Writing the book was a delight for one week, the author was delving into the records of the Civil War, the next, researching the Court Rolls from the fifteenth century and the next, reading the voluminous correspondence exchanged by members of the Fortescue family in the nineteenth century. Consideration is also given to how far Boconnoc can be described as an exemplar of Cornish history. 256 pages with a foreword by Professor Philip Payton 21 black & white photographs 30 colour plates ISBN 978 0 7509 6773 0 Price £17.99
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